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Partners are the organisations who are included in a PlaceCal site. They might be grassroots activist groups, those running a community space or venue, unincorporated community groups, housing associations, tenants’ groups, or other groups who organise events and meetings to benefit the social, cultural and emotional lives of everyone in the community.

Partner Admins

Partner admins are the ****people who update information directly in PlaceCal on behalf of a partner. These are the people who have direct contact with the organiser of the PlaceCal site they’re a part of.


Organisers are the people who support partners and partner admins. They are volunteers or community development workers who make connections with prospective partners and help them get all the information about their organisation and their calendars onto PlaceCal. Organisers can create partners in PlaceCal, create partner admin accounts, and are available for support. They will usually be someone who is embedded in the community that the PlaceCal site serves, who most people using PlaceCal in that community will know.

You might see occasional references to “Neighbourhood Admins” or “Partnership Admins”. They’re both types of organiser, and you don’t need to worry about the difference if you’re not a developer.


Developers are the computer programmers who write the code for PlaceCal.


Calendar refers to event calendars run by partners, which PlaceCal uses to aggregate event listings for PlaceCal sites. Calendars are powered by a partner’s existing event management software such as Google Calendar, Outlook 365, or Eventbrite (there’s a full list of things we support in here: Partner Admin handbook ). If the partner is a larger organisation this might be a bigger system like Artifax, Jadu, or Drupal, or a custom website. PlaceCal can work with most calendars that produce computer-readable event data! Calendars are associated with partners, which pulls through the events from the calendar to the partner’s PlaceCal feed.


Sites are individual PlaceCal instances (likehulme.placecal.org) which community members use to find event and partner information. Each site shows information about the PlaceCal neighbourhood or partnership including the contact information for that community’s organiser. Sites can come in a few different flavours – we originally split them strictly between place-based (neighbourhoods) and interest-based (partnerships) but as PlaceCal has evolved this distinction has become less useful.


Neighbourhoods are a type of PlaceCal site (norwich.placecal.org) which are formed around a place-based community. They usually include a much broader range of events, but are based on a much smaller geographical region, than partnership sites.


Partnerships are a specific type of PlaceCal site (trans-dimension.placecal.org) which are formed around an interest-based community. They’re more specific than a place-based or neighbourhood site and might be something like ‘all of the trans-led and trans-involving events in this area’ or ‘all of the experimental music events in this region’.